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Our projects from 1993 through 2015


Speckabel SPE, LLC (Moscow)
Supply of doubling winder and braiding machines manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH.

Equipment: braiding machines DRATEX 16 and DRATEX 24, doubling winder W 8-905 manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (SSB, Germany).

Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC (Shuchin, Republic of Belarus) 
Supply of winding machine and doubling winder manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH.

The winding machine Helix 3036 and doubling winder machine W 8-905 manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (SSB, Germany) were supplied to the Shuchin.


Tomsk Cable Plant, LLC (Tomsk)
Supply of the spiraling and braiding machines manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH.

Equipment: the braiding machines 36 F03A, DRATEX 16, DRATEX 24 and the spiraling machine DW 24 A manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (SSB, Germany).


Vyksun Metallurgical Plant, JSC (Vyksa, Nyzhnegorod region)
Supply of the equipment manufactured by Silvio Fossa S.p.A. (Italy) for TPP-4 DTBD.

Equipment: a main hydraulic cylinder of the hydromechanical expander of TPP-4 DTBD.


Vyksun Metallurgical Plant, JSC  (Vyksa, Nyzhnegorod region)

Supply of spare parts manufactured by Silvio Fossa S.p.A. (Italy) for presses of the wheel rolling mill:
press plunger and press cylinder for the wheel rolling mill of the railroad wheel division.


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Complex, JSC (Magnitogorsk, Cheliabinsk region)
Project for supply of hydraulic equipment manufactured by Silvio Fossa S.p.A.

Equipment supply program includes hydraulic cylinders of the hydraulic pump unit of the rolling mill RM-4 manufactured by Silvio Fossa S.p.A (Italy).


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Complex, JSC (Magnitogorsk, Cheliabinsk region) Supply of milling equipment manufactured by B.S.A. s.r.l. (Italy):
milling rolls and cartridges.


Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC (Shuchin, Republic of Belarus) 
Supply of the multi-thread line for copper wire drawing, D3 type.

Tomsk Cable Plant, LLC (Tomsk)
Supply of the aluminum coarse drawing, R1 type; Supply of the copper medium drawing, T4 type.

Rosskat, JSC (Samara)

The project for supply of the line for cold plating of steel bands, OTO 4 type.
Stavrolen, LLC (LUKOIL-Neftekhim group), Budennovsk, Stavropol area
Supply of spare parts for compressor equipment manufactured by MAN Diesel & Turbo (Germany).

Currently Permanent K&M executes the project for supply of spare parts for compressor equipment manufactured by MAN Diesel & Turbo (Germany) to one of the largest high density polyethylene manufacturers – Stavrolen LLC (LUKOIL-Neftekhim group).

Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC (Shuchin, Republic of Belarus) 

January, 2014 – supply of the double spindle semi-automatic winding machine.

Doubling winder W8-905-2 manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (SSB, Germany) was supplied to Avtoprovod plant in the town of Shuchin. The machine was designed to double copper wire on two spools in the same time. Winding step and layout width parameters are set using the operator’s panel. The machine is equipped with a wire break sensor.


Avial Pilot Plant (Moscow)

November, 2013 – commissioning of the aluminum wire drawing line manufactured by Euroalpha S.R.L. (Italia) 

The drawing line with separate drives for each capstan, model R2, manufactured by Euroalpha S.R.L. (Italia) was supplied as part of modernisation of the production. Commissioning of the line ensured increase of efficiency of production of wire from aluminum alloys.

Speckabel SPE, LLC (Moscow)

October, 2013 – supply of the band wrapping line manufactured by LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany)   

The line for wrapping of round cables and wires using Mica bands (width 8-30 mm) supplied to the cable plant “Speckabel” in Moscow. It is designed to process round wires 1.0-8.0 mm, maximum line speed is 60 m/min. Outside cable diameter: 1.1-9.0 mm. Layers number: maximum 2. Wrapping units number: 2.

The line comprises: quill type feeding drive device, controlling compensator, high-speed concentric band wrapping vertical head with a spool drive, stroboscope to synchronise operation of two heads, winch wheel, quill type receiving device, controlling compensator, process monitoring system.  

Taganrog Metallurgical Plant – TAGMET, JSC (TMK Europe GmbH)

September, 2013 – supply of Timcal lubricants for the line of the continuous PQF* hot-rolled pipe production line

Graphite lubricant DDP20 manufactured by TIMCAL (Imerys Graphite & Carbon) was supplied to the metallurgical plant in the town of Taganrog. This lubricant has been supplied for the PQF line since its commissioning in 2011. This lubricant is mainly designated to provide qualitative inside surface of the pipe (no blisters, chippings, scratches and other defects), to decrease load to the rolling mill, to increase number of jig passes and to decrease wear of jigs.

* Premium Quality Finishing


Cable Industry Development Design Office (Mytishi, Moscow region)

Cutting edge machinery to ensure highly efficient wire drawing

Japanese machine designed to perform the finest wire drawing manufactured by Saikawa was supplied to Mytishi, to CI DDO CJSC. The drawing machine S-20 is used to perform ultra-fine drawing of the wire with the diameter of up to 0.05 mm. Wire diameter set during first drawing falls in the range of 0.4-0.18 mm. Maximum drawing speed is 2000 m/min. Drawing units number – 20. Reel weight – 20-40 kg.


Cable Industry Development Design Office (Mytishi, Moscow region)

December, 2012 – supply of the wire nickel plating line manufactured by OTOMEC (Italy)

The wire nickel plating line manufactured by OTOMEC was supplied to the town of Mytishi of the Moscow region, to the cable industry development design office. Main line components: output device, electrolytic coating tank, electrolytic degreasing section, additional sections for aluminum wire treating, electrolytic nickel plating sections.

Nickel plating process includes the range of process procedures: chemical degreasing with organic solvent, metal surface treatment to remove dirt, corrosion, slags and oxides, cold water washing following with hot water washing, drying and, finally, nickel plating in dedicated plating tanks.


Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC (Shuchin, Republic of Belarus)

April, 2012 – supply of the braiding machine manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH in Belarus

32-spool horizontal braiding machine 32 F03 AH manufactured by Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (Germany) was supplied to Shuchin, a town in Belarus, to Avtoprovod plant.

Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC, town of Shuchin (Republic of Belarus) is one the leading suppliers of connection wires and cables, hook-up wires, domestic purpose wires, flexible bare wires and automotive wires in the Republic of Belarus. The plant produces more than 100 types of cable products using copper and aluminum cores.

In 2011, Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC was awarded with the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality achievements.




November, 2012 – supply of the braiding machine manufactured by Dratex (Germany) for production of oil submersible cables at ROSSKAT, JSC

Braiding machine Dratex 2426/7 was supplied to ROSSKAT, JSC completed with a spool-winding machine and an output device. Equipment manufacturer – Spirka Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH (SSB) (Germany).

Oil submersible cables are used to provide power supply to oil extraction units. They are operated in aggressive environments (long exposure to borehole fluid that consists of oil, gases, water) and produced with insulation made of high density polyethylene.

Since 1991, ROSSKAT, JSC specialises in producing of copper rolled rods designated to be used in production of electrical, cable and wire products.

ROSSKAT, JSC is one of leading manufacturers in the section of production of cables for electrical submersible pump units and has approximately 25% of the market share. Copper rolled rods production volume is up to 70 thousand tons per year.

In 2010, ROSSKAT, JSC started to produce power cables with plastic insulation in cold resistant variant. The company plans to start producing high-temperature power cables for electrical submersible pump units.


Denisov Plant, JSC (Vladimyr region)

Supply of the brass wire enamel coating line Aumann (Germany)

In July, 2012, the contract for supply of the line for enamel coating of brass wires with the diameter of 0.050-0.120 mm, DLH-3, manufactured by Aumann (Germany), was executed.

The line comprises: output device, integrated drawing unit, device for annealing in protection gas environment, varnishing unit with a tank and a dosing pump, integrated testing accessories and other components.

Denisov Plant, JSC is the oldest Russian manufacturer of wire with precious metal coatings, products made of such wire and the metallized filaments “metanit”. Since 1995, the plant performs metallization and doubling of polymeric film and polymeric film based materials.

Mytishi, Moscow region

Supply of the copper wire intermediate drawing line Euroalpha (Italy)  

In December, 2012, PERMANENT K&M Firm CJSC supplied to Cable Industry Development Design Office, JSC (Mytishi) the line for intermediate drawing of copper wire with the diameter of up to 0.25 mm manufactured by Euroalpha (Italy). The line comprises of the following components: drawing unit, contact annealing device, receiving device. Main goal of the Cable Industry Development Design Office is development and manufacturing of cable products for operation under extreme conditions. More than 80% of the enterprises belonging to the military industrial complex of the Russian Federation nowadays consume the production of the cable industry development design office.


Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan

Eight-apartment building based on the MXM technology

In 2012, PERMANENT K&M Firm CJSC started to master a new direction – wooden multi-apartment building construction. First building was erected in Tatarstan. In collaboration with the partner Klaus Schaller C&T, the engineering company PERMANENT K&M Firm CJSC built a wooden eight-apartment building using the MXM technology (MHM – Massiv-Holz-Mauer) in Bugulma.

One of stages of the construction started on September, 15, was successfully completed in October. In the shortest period, just for three weeks, a box of the two-floor building was constructed out of solid wooden panels – the part of works PERMANENT K&M Firm CJSC was responsible for. “Rapid pace of construction can be explained with high degree of factory completeness of the panels – says the project head, Sergey Pentegov, – this way we minimise the scope of works at the construction site and increase construction quality”.

New building in Bugulma, in the Komsomolska Street, plays a significant social role: it was constructed within the frame of the program for resettling of families from ramshackle buildings. The building has eight well-furnished two-room apartments. According to the mayor, Ildus Kasymov, the building complies with all state standards and, what’s important, suits very well the municipal housing program by its net cost per square meter.

SUAR-Active JSC performed construction works.

Mister Schaller, the head of the German company Klaus Schaller C&T), says that it wasn’t the goal of the project to make any profit. “Our goal is to show Russian clients a new technology for wooden building construction, its advantages and availability. Planks used to produce solid wooden walls aren’t glued, but joined with aluminum dowels, which makes the structure eco-friendly.” One of advantages of the MXM technology for production of solid panels is that outer log planks can be used too, and previously they were rejected.

“Environment, electromagnetic field and even mobile signal detection in a wooden building are much better than in a reinforced concrete building” – underlines mister Schaller. Besides that, according to the opinion of the woodwork expert Artem Lukichev, a modern wooden building constructed by the MXM technology, has higher fire safety in comparison with a brick building. The main point of the MXM panel production method is that timber is cross-layered and clamped with special aluminum dowels. Walls manufactured by this technology don’t shrink and don’t swell, and, in addition, have excellent heat-protective properties.

The process of MXM components production is interesting itself: a panel is assembled automatically, an operator just feeds planks into a machine. The resulting panel is transferred then onto a table of the CNC portal center, where it is treated in automatic mode: it is cut by the form, windows and doors apertures are cut in, connecting rabbets and electrical wiring grooves are cut in and etc. There are six effective plants for production of MXM panels in Russia for today. Project participants are sure, that the new building in Bugulma will increase the number of supporters of wooden building construction amongst Russians and will boost up the positions of wooden multi-floor buildings on the Russian housing market.


Kamskiy Kabel, JSC

Coiling of multicore and single-core cable/wire

Supplied to and commissioned at Kamskiy Kabel JSC:

Automatic coiling line manufactured by PS Сostruzioni.  

The line is designed for coiling up cables/wires, namely: for treating of flexible multicore and single-core cables, coils with the length of up to 100 m and more. The capacity of the line is up to 4 coils per minute, depending on the cable type.

This equipment significantly increased production of flexible and installation wires and cables.


Chuvashkabel Plant, JSC

Line for vertical band wrapping with baking of films of the type – fluorine plastic, teflon (PTFE)

Chuvashkabel Plant, JSC purchased the following equipment: vertical band wrapping and backing line manufactured by Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH.

Designed for the film of the type – fluorine plastic, teflon (PTFE)

The line comprised the following components:

·         Output device of Cantilever Drive type;

·         Hydraulic lifting device;

·         Additional spool spindle;

·         High-speed concentric band wrapping head;

·         2 heads, vertical, spool drive included;

·         Stroboscope with the synchronizer for two heads;

·         Air conditioning with temperature control in the range of 18-25°C;

·         Winch wheel;

·         IR backing furnace;

·         Inert gas feeding unit (nitrogen or nitrogen dioxide);

·         Cooling unit (water);

·         Spark tester with electrodes 2.5 mm, with a Profibus and a stand;

·         Core gauge Sikora, with a Profibus and a stand;

·         Controlling compensator;

·         Cantilever type receiving device;

·         Hydraulic lifting device;

·         Additional spindle for a spool;

·         Process monitoring system.


Tomskkabel, CJSC

Electrolytic tinning (tin coating) of copper wire

The line for electrolytic tinning (tin coating) of copper wire OTOMEC was installed for Tomskkabel CJSC.

Model OTO’FF LINE 1W, model MINIPLATER 2000 for operation from baskets or spools to spools, single-core, for wire with the diameter range of 1.00-4.50 mm. Adjustable tin layer 2-20 micron, adjustable speed up to 100 m/min.

for average size 2.00 mm and thickness 20 micron: 136 kg/h; for 440 h/month approx. 60 t/month with speed 78 m/min, tinned copper wire for further drawing, quality according to ASTM B33;

for size 4.50 mm and thickness 3 micron: 640 h/h; for 440 h/month approx. 282 t/month with speed 75 m/min.

Comprises the following components:

·         Output device;

·         Coating tank for wires with the size of up to 4.5 mm;

·         Compensator;

·         Spool receiving device АО 1000;

·         Electrical panel and controls;

·         Cables;

·         Chemical products;

·         Anodes, training in Italy;

·         Electronic gauge for coating thickness measurement;

·         Environmental safety device for water and air filtration.


Elektrokable Kolchugin Plant, JSC

Surface varnishing with further backing

The project for supply of the line for surface varnishing and further backing manufactured by Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH was executed.

The line is designed for production of diesel cables (organic silicone varnish treatment).
For round cables:
Round cable diameter range: 2.0-40 mm, fiberglass filament braided.
Treatment material: silicone based varnish.
Varnish pass number: max. 6.
Line speed: max. 60/min.
The line comprises the following:
Controlling compensator;
Varnishing unit;
Backing furnace;
Set of rollers with large diameter 700 mm;
Cooling unit (air cooling);
Winch track;
Controlling compensator;
Quill type receiving device;
Horizontal treatment and backing line.

Podolskkabel NCP, JSC

Screening of copper and steel cable wire, hose reinforcement, cord and thread braiding

Successfully commissioned for Podolskkabel NCP, JSC (Non-Commercial Partnership): high-speed 24-spool braided machine DRATEX 24, manufactured by Spirka-Schnellflechter GmbH.

Braiding machine is designed for screening of cables with copper and steel wire, hose reinforcement, cord and thread braiding.

Spool number – 24
Braiding type – 2 in 2
Braiding direction – vertical
Braiding diameter – max. 24 mm (option – 28 mm)
Central hole – 40 mm

Braiding material
copper wire (tensile strength up to 350 N/mm2)
from 4х0.05 to 10х0.05 mm
from 3х0.10 to 10х0.10 mm
from 1х0.20 to 10х0.20 mm
max. diameter 7х0.30 mm
steel wire (tensile strength up to 400 N/mm2)
from 4х0.05 to 10х0.05 mm
from 3х0.10 to 10х0.10 mm
from 1х0.20 to 8х0.20 mm
max. diameter 6х0.30 mm
textile and synthetic filaments, fiberglass.

from 1994 through 2010: Our projects 

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