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Archive projects


Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC (Shuchin, Republic of Belarus) 

Varnish braided wires by the European technology.

In December 2010 PERMANENT K&M supplied the line for surface varnishing of copper cored wires manufactured by Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany) to Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant JSC, Belarus.

Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant (JSC) produces more than 100 types of cable products with copper and aluminum cores, the company is a leader on the cable and wire production market.

As a result of commissioning of the new line manufactured by Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH that took place in February of this year the enterprise started production of varnished wires with the diameter from 2.40 to 18.0, with single or multiple copper tinned cores in polyvinylchloride plastic insulation, cotton yarn braided.

The following equipment were included in the scope of delivery: quill type drive output and receiving devices, controlling compensator, varnishing unit, infrared varnish backing furnace, large diameter roller set, cooling unit, caterpillar traction, line control unit with a monitor. Guides are installed in the varnish backing furnace. The furnace ins made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The furnace is heated using electrical power, by infrared emitters. High-quality thermal insulation provides low outside heat radiation and high operational efficiency.

Uzkabel JP, JSC

High-tech production of enamel wires.

In December 2010 PERMANENT K&M supplied the double-thread wire enameling line to the largest manufacturer of cable and wire products in the Central Asian Region – Uzkabel JP JSC.

Continuous operation combined enameling machines of DLH 8-200-500/-300-1250/2 type that comprise both functions of multi-wire drawing and multi-layer enameling were installed in a workshop for production of enameled wires. The wire diameter range – 0.200-1.250 mm. The standard features comprise: wire abrasive cleaning system, annealing furnace, semi-automatic filling device, coating applicator, horizontal furnace, heating system, cooling system, wire lubrication system, operator’s panel and other additional equipment.

Manufacturer of the supplied equipment – Aumann GmbH (Germany). Aumann GmbH, in cooperation with the enterprise, selected operation modes for the specified nomenclature, trained service personnel and operators and developed recommendations for further equipment operation, as part of commissioning works.

Production of enameled wire was mastered by the enterprise for the first time. In collaboration with the equipment manufacturer, PERMANENT K&M analysed needs for consumables based on the customer’s data and ensured its supply, including varnishes Elantas Deatech srl (Italy), drawing emulsion Condat (France),drawing tool, polysynthetic diamond, varnish gauges Aartal Service (Germany). The line was commissioned in March 2010.

Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk, JSC

Automation of welding wire rewinding process.

The project for supply and start-up of the rewinding equipment GIMAX at Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk JSC (welding apparatuses production) was successfully executed.

Two equipment models supplied to the plant:

·         POLIDIGITAL “SAW compact” version – for semi-automatic rewinding of SAW welding wire

·         ROBOBINA standard version – first in Russia (!) line for automatic rewinding of welding wire

Alexei Slavianov (sales engineer of the production modernisation department of PERMANENT K&M, project manager, tells about technical features of GIMAX rewinding equipment: “POLIDIGITAL SAW line is a semi-automatic line has flexible functionality and can work with different wire and spool types, it also can be operated with a bundle (with no spool). Strong steel body encloses all mechanical and pneumatic components, main motor, layout system and main control panel. All movable parts are completely covered with panels or locked safe covers which cause the line to stop if opened. The delivery scope includes special large diameter wire straighteners. It is possible to adjust flanges/tools holding a spool to compensate any tolerances for wire diameter to ensure precise winding. The rewinding device is controlled by an operator, whose responsibilities are put in empty spools in the machine and take out full spools after process completion (all operations of bending, fixing and cutting of wire are performed manually). Operator also controls winding of first layer of wire on the spool till the machine starts to control that itself at full speed. Average productivity is 24-25 spools per hour (for 15 spool).

Average productivity reaches 24-25 spools per hour in the automatic wire rewinding mode. Automatic line ROBOBINA is designed to handle large production volumes. It is possible to use different types of wire with the tensile strength close to steel, also it is possible to operate the line with plastic or fiber spools and wire baskets with the outer diameter 350 mm. Rewinding device requires no operator presence, the machine itself puts empty spools inside and take out ready spools after process completion (all operations of bending, fixing and cutting of wire are performed automatically). Operator’s interference is required only to restock empty spools and to change the output device spool. The device has the function of precise winding on wire baskets and corresponding plastic spools. There is a function of error detection for the precision winding mode. The device can be programmed to either automatically return to the error point and to try to repeat winding again or to complete a spool winding randomly”.


Avtoprovod Shuchin Plant, JSC

In May 2009 with active participation of PERMANENT K&M, the line for electrolytic tinning OTO FF LINE, model 1W 3000 STANDARD, designed for tinning of soft and hard copper wire with the diameter 1.80-2.00 mm, with adjustable coating thickness, was successfully supplied to the plant and in July, 2009, it was successfully commissioned.

Practically in the same time the tinning line was supplied, the plant purchased the basket receiving device OTOMEC for the coarse drawing line which is already in use by Avtoprovod.

Speckabel SPE

In spring of 2009, our enterprise successfully supplied the tinning line manufactured by OTOMEC (Italy) and the basket receiving device for the coarse drawing line made in Russia present at the plant.

In July, 2009, the line for electrolytic tinning of copper wire with the diameter range 1.40-1.80 mm, tin coating thickness 15-20, matt surface, designed for further drawing, was successfully accepted into service.


Kurganskcable, LLC

Beginning of 2008 with the assistance of the company PERMANENT K&M there was supplied and in spring started an Electro Tin-plating Plant produced by the company OTOMEC Srl (Italy): spool-to-spool, for copper wire diameters from 3.57 mm to 5.75 mm with adjustable thickness of tin coating from 1 to 4 micron.


Belorussian metal works

Beginning of the 2008 as a result of a tender PERMANENT K&M has supplied the welding machines for metal cord and electric welding machines for the brass-plated and and hard-drawn high-carbon wire produced by Strecker (Germany).

In the middle of 2008 there was supplied one more set of welding machines for metal cord of high-carbon brass-coated wire, intended for electrical parting, butt-welding and annealing of the steel cord 1,65 - 4,50 mm.

All the machines are equipped with with microprocessor control, that allows both working in the automatic mode and the possibility of setting the parameters.

Solnechnogorsky plant of metal mesh “LEPSE”, JSC

Solnechnogorsk plant of metal mesh LEPSE in the second half of May 2008 has accepted into production a zinc-plating plant Otomec Srl (Italy). The new equipment is meant for launching the production of zinc-plated wire for supplying the material for its own production of welded, corrugated and braided mesh. The production capabilities of the equipment under the threfe-shift schedule allow the production of 300 ton of zinc-plated wire, diameter 1 – 2.5 mm, per month.


Chuvashcable plant, JSC

July 2008 there was supplied a plant of electro nickel-plating of copper and aluminium wire produced by OTOMEC Srl (Italy) to the Customer Chuvashcable, for the diameter range 0.10 – 0.80 mm, speed up to 200 m/min.

December 2008 there was completed the commissioning of electro tin-plating plant equipped with a spool take-up at the same plant. The plant is intended for plating of copper and copper alloys wire, diameter 0.60 – 2.00 mm, for plating it with pure tin with adjustable thickness of tin coating up to 30 micron.

Holding company “National Housing Corporation”, JSC

June 2008 there was started a frame-panel plant in Voronezh. It was the first project of the company PERMANENT K&M for wood constructions assembly for modern houses. Today the staff of the plant makes six people, the productio capacity is 10 houses or 120 m2 per month. The plan is to increase the production up to 250 houses per month. The price of one sq.meter doesn’t exceed 14 thousand roubles.

One more frame-panel plant was started in the end of june in Bryansk.

Voskresenskcement, JSC

July 2008 there were supplied adjustable electric drives for rotating ovens produced by the company Transresch (Germany).

Severstal-Metiz, JSC

As a result of an open tender of an Orel plant (Severstal-Metiz Group) there was supplied and in September 2008 commissined a complex line for production of welding copper-plated wire with a possibility of take-up in rosettes and on a metal spool. This line performs the complete cycle of welding copper-plated wire production.

Copper-plated wire is used for welding tubes of big diameters – gas pipelines, water pipelines and others.

Podolskcable, JSC

Our company has supplied six braiding machines produced by the German company WARDWELL Europe GmbH (5 machines Type 2426/8, 1 machine Type 2450/8) and 4 spool-winding machines to the plant Podolskcable.

Rybinskcable, JSC

November 2008 there were supplied 2 braiding machines Drahtex 2426/8 produced by the company WARDWELL Europe GmbH (Germany), that are intended for shielding of copper and steel wire, hose reinforcement, cord and conductor braiding.

Mikroprovod plant, JSC

PERMANENT K&M has carried out a project for supply of modern equipment for enamelling production to OAO “Mikroprovod Plant” (is a part of the Russian leader in cable production — ОАО "Sevcable - Holding"). In November 2008 the commissioning of two enamelling plants combined with drawing (produced by the company AUMANN, Germany) was completed. "Sevcable – Holding" also purchased an enamelling machine DLH 8 combined with drawing for diameter range 0.150 – 0.360 mm and an enamelling machine DLH 2 combined with drawing for the diameter range 0.030 – 0.070 mm. The production capacity of the new equipment exceeds 50 ton per month.


Uralcement, JSC (Korkino)

Beginning of 2007 together with the company Transresch we carried out several projects for adjustable systems of electric drives, turning furnaces with frequency transformer on the specification of the Concern Lafarge. As a result of this work, the company PERMANENT K&M won a tender and in July 2008 the contract for supply of complete electric drive furnaces for the plants Voskresenskcement and Uralcement was signed.

Voskresenskcement», JSC (Voskresensk)

Odescable, JSC (Ukraine)

With the assistance of the company PERMANENT K&M there was supplied a galvanic tin-plating plant for copper wire produced by Italian company OTOMEC. The tin-plated copper wire is being used for special types of cables.

Moscow automobile and tractor electrical equipment (MZATE)

There were supplied multi-spindle machines for linear winding produced by Fa. AUMANN. Up-to-date winding systems guarantee the best quality of winding, using the enameled wire, diameter up to 30 micron, rotation frequency of spindle – up to 20000 rpm. More than a half of supplied winding machines AUMANN are intended for the field of automobile industry. The production range of the plant MZATE includes the ignition distributor, sensors and distributors, oil-filled and “dry” ignition coils, electronic switches, sensors of spark formation point, candle points.

Belaruscable, JSC (Mozyr’)

There were supplied two high speed vertical 24-spool braiding machines and one 2-spindle semi-automatic winding machine produced by the company WARDWELL. This equipment helped to increase the range of the braided cables, as well as the range of materials, used for braiding. All this makes it possible to respond to the market demand promptly and efficiently.


Concern «Russian Aluminium»

There were supplied releasing shafts, produced by the company Fife–Tidland that were supplied due to efficient engineering work of the specialists of our company and the company Fife–Tidland. Representatives of the manufacturer together with our engineers. Several times visited the customer’s plant in order to work out and coordinate the project documentation and drawings. The technical features of the customer’s plant were taken into consideration.. Technicians of the company Fife–Tidland assembled, installed and set the equipment in operation. Additionally special tooling for maintenance of releasing shafts was supplied and high-wearing parts to these shafts are regularly supplied to this customer.

Zagorsky pilot plant for plastics (Moscow region, Golygino)

There was supplied n expansion line for production of heat-shrinkable tubes, diameter – up to 20 mm produced by the company INHOL. New technologies make it possible to produce at a speed 283 times higher than with the equipment, used before and to eliminate the level of harmful atmospheric emissions.


Metal-Standard Group, JSC (Dolgoprudny)

There were supplied two energy units with the equipment for heat-recovery produced by the company CATERPILLAR, general electric power - 2 mW. This project allowed cutting down the expenses for electric and heat energy, raising the total efficiency of use of natural gas up to 96 %.

Mikroprovod, JSC (Podolsk)

There were supplied and set in operation 8 one-line horizontal enameling machines AUMANN. Diameter range of produced enameled wires is 0.050 – 0120 mm.. With the help of this high-speed equipment it is possible to produce at a speed 1400 m/min and to save up to 30% of electric power in comparison with the old equipment.

from 1994 till 2004

In 2004 a project for supply and installation of a concrete mixing plant of the capacity 120 m3/hour in a fully automatic version with computer control that allows 1000 formulae for preparation of concrete in Novosibirsk .

In 2004 a project for supply and installation of a mobile container-type asphalt-mixing plant with maximum capacity up to 180 t/hour of final asphalt.

In 2003 ten high-speed braiding machines together with a fully automatic 4-spindle spool-winding machines produced by Fa. WARDWELL were supplied to OAO Kirskabel.

In 2002 the first chlorine transfer plant according to a new technology using a swiveling unit was supplied to ОАО «Ust’-Ilimsky Plant».

In 2000–2001 our company on the instructions of the authorities of Kemerovsky region together with the Dutch company Hosokawa TER BRAAK, supplied and started the line for caramel production to ОАО «Kemerovsky confectionary plant».

In 2000 ОАО «TAGMET» started to use a new state-of-the-art technology of lining the casting ladles using the unmolded refractory mixture produced by one of the leading world-known companies INTOCAST.

In 1999–2001 the capital renovation of open-hearth and rolling-mill shop of OAO TAGMET was carried out with an active assistance of our company.

In 1999–2000 the press produced by the company Schloemann Siemag SMS 2000 at ОАО Mechel was renovated.

In 1995 in Voronezh with active assistance of the town authorities, our company and a German company PAUL-Heizung GmbH there has been started a boiler plant for heating the town.

In 1994–1996 on the instruction of Moscow authorities with direct participation of our company and German companies Maurer Soehne and Koegler Schornsteinbau GmbH there has been successfully carried out a project of adoption of a new western technology of constructing the steel smoke stacks in Moscow. Within 3 years there have been supplied 7 steel smoke stacks 110 meter high with an outer diameter 3.6 meter. Before adopting this new technology only ferroconcrete stacks of this height were constructed in Russia. After successful tests of operating characteristics in town Chekhov (near Moscow) the production of steel smoke stacks according to the German technology was started.

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