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Our Director General


I think many people would be surprised to know that the company like ours is leaded by a woman.
But I was always interested in industrial production: how it should be organized, in what way works and how only one person can manage, for example, a great rolling mill or the whole production line.

Building of any poduction is a very difficult affair but still more difficult is always keeping your enterprise in its operational status, making retrofit installation and applying of new technologies at the proper time.

During many years of my professional activity I visited various industrial places. And every time I am delighted with the people, who makes possible every day continuous and trouble free work of different kinds of technological equipments at their works and factories. It concerns management of the companies, technical and raw materials supply, departments of technical services, technologists and other people working with different kinds of equipments.

In this case manufacturing enterprises compare to a live organism: if there is any trouble in function of any organ, the whole organism suffers. We are also only a little unit, which is ready to help different departments of enterprises not only to keep their manufacturing in operational status but also to carry out necessary retrofit installation.

The history of our company’s development beginning from 1993 shows, that the activity like our, is very relevant in Russia at the present time. During last 5 years there were founded some departments in our company aligned to solve different kinds of problems posed by our customers.

All the problems and troubles of our customers become also our problems and troubles, and the success of our customers lets us hope, that our little share for that helps the domestic manufacturers to become acknowledged competitors in the international market.

I wish you prosperity and further successful development of your enterprise!

Faithfully yours,

Natalya Kirillova
Director General

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